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The Brain Tumour Research Campaign

The Brain Tumour Research Campaign is a UK based charity bringing together expert clinicians and research scientists with brain tumour patients and their family and friends to fight this devastating disease.

Brain tumour research is woefully underfunded. We work to raise awareness of the critical need for increased funding while supporting desperately needed bench-to-bedside research projects.

We fund projects involving research scientists and clinicians to improve brain tumour treatments and work towards finding a cure.          

Our brain tumour research programme is possibly one of the most comprehensive in the world. Its aim is to look at every possibility to improve the outlook for brain tumour patients by producing rapid “translational” research, ie research that translates into treatments as quickly as possible. We have examined every aspect of the patient pathway from diagnosis through treatment to survival and have identified areas that require improvement to achieve this.

We have combined novel laboratory-based science with world-first disruptive technology that gives us instant molecular diagnostic information and ultimate surgical accuracy. This is supported by a robust patient pathway that provides a multidisciplinary platform to convert our discoveries into treatments through clinical trials.

To date we have made several world-first advances, including the identification of how metabolic manipulation can better treat these tumours and genetically, what drives the tumours to become more aggressive and  thus map drugs to these changes that could prevent them. New surgical technology using 3D ultrasound and laser spectroscopy gives instant molecular identification of a tumour and its vulnerabilities to new treatments.

We are achieving some of the best outcomes in the world and we continue to improve by offering more options for these patients where historically there have been very few.


BTRC Registered Charity No 295895

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