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 What is Eric's Wish? 

Eric's Wish Cancer Charity Music Fundraising Appeal has been born from a terrible tragedy.  Back in 2015 a young, gifted cancer research scientist called Eric Mahlum lost his life in a tragic car accident.  Through this fundraising appeal for cancer research we are now seeking to create his lasting legacy. 

If you are someone reading this who has cancer, or you know first-hand what it is like to watch a person you care about struggling with cancer, you’ll understand the devastating impact this disease can have on our lives and how truly important cancer medical research work is to all of us everywhere. 

Eric Mahlum understood this fully.  He put his endless energy into his cutting-edge research work, utterly determined to make a difference to this world and our understanding of cancer and the future of successfully treating it.  This was his wish and his life focus, and he had opened his own cancer laboratory shortly before we lost him. 

Why has this appeal been initiated? 

We are deeply motivated to honour Eric’s wish through this cancer fundraising appeal which bears his name, to raise as much money as possible for desperately needed cancer research which can ultimately benefit so many people. In this way we can honour the life of Eric Mahlum and create a lasting legacy by which to remember him. 

We have chosen our two worthy cancer research charities with great thought and care.  Eric’s Wish appeal is immensely proud to be supporting Renville County Walk in the Park in the USA, and Brain Tumour Research Campaign in the UK. 

Why sell music? 

This appeal has been made possible through the generous support of various musician friends, in the UK and the USA, collaborating and donating their music recordings for you to purchase from this website shop to raise funds for Eric’s Wish appeal. We hope our music will bring you some welcome cheer as the whole world struggles through the dark days of Covid 19, because we believe music is the very best Covid medicine!! 

Some of us are amateurs, singing our hearts out for you to raise money for the cause, but we are thrilled to also have the support of various professional musicians who have generously contributed their songs to the appeal.  What we all have in common is the sincere desire to offer you our music to buy, in the hope of raising as much money as we possibly can for this cause, so please support us and together we can make a difference to cancer research and make Eric’s wish come true. 

Please tell your friends!! 

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Let's make this happen ! 

Together we can make a difference to cancer research !  

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If you are a musician reading this and you would like to contribute your donated song to this appeal, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch be part of Eric’s Wish so music purchasers can discover you!!    

With our grateful thanks 

From everyone involved with Eric's Wish  


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