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Da Pluto Boy Rap

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A great fun new single from Tommo Thomson and Melanie Dunhill


Da Pluto Boy Rap
26 April 2021
Music: Tommo Thomson, Lyrics: Melanie Tucker

When I was a pup, before I even got hair.
I would scrabble in my bed just to see what was there.
I’d be sat inside watching all of ‘em moles,
I thought ‘’wah, that looks fun, just look at those holes!!

And then I grew up and I got much bigga,
And I knew one day I was gonna be a digga.
Yeah they say in life that we all need goals,
So this is my thing, I just love digging holes!

Backing vocals: Yeh Pluto boy,
He’s da boy! yeh yeh

I got **low-ratio**, 4 wheel drive,
Cos I can dig four legs at once, like I come alive!
I got paws like paddles, diamond teeth jaws,
I’m a canine excavator - with my 16 claws.

Yeah I got bored of burying all my bones
So I tunnelled the fence into my neighbour’s home
Cos they said.. ‘’don’t you chase their beautiful cat’’!
But I thought.. ‘’sandwich filling!!!, I can see to that, Ha!

Backing vocals: Yeah I’m digging it, digging it, I’m digging this rap,
Putting digging on the dancefloor map.

I can dig up shrubs, and have a tug of war,
Pulling up their roots while I search for more.
Lawns, takes me minutes, flowerbeds more,
And, it always looks nicer than it did before!!!

If you go out, and leave me in the garden alone,
They’ll always be a hole to welcome you home
And I‘ll wag my tail to show you what I’ve done,
With an earth-covered nose, so you know I’ve had fun!

Backing vocals: Yeh Pluto boy,
He’s da boy! yeh yeh.
Now I know my digging gets me ‘bovver’ n trouble,
But don’t you say no, don’t you burst my bubble.
Cos it’s so much better than a biscuit habit,
Or barking at birds or the neighbour’s rabbit.

When they dug the Channel Tunnel I missed my vocation
To dig from England to another nation.
So, let’s put digging on the dancefloor map,
Dancing all night to da Pluto Boy rap.

Backing vocals: Putting digging on the dancefloor map,
Dancing all night to the Pluto Boy rap.

Yeah, I can dig it high, I can dig it down low,
Dig, dig digging wherever I go.
Digging it here, and digging it there,
Digging holes and rapping everywhere!

I’m a dig, dig, digger, I am Jack the doggie lad.
Yeah, I’m Pluto da boy, but I’m not all bad,
Cos if the time should come when your head is in a muddle,
I’ll be there for you…. and I’ll dig ya outta trouble!!!.